Focus and Scope

The journal encompasses research within the fields of English linguistics, literature, and education or teaching. Areas of focus include:

1. English Linguistics: Exploration of linguistic theories, language structure, semantics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse analysis within the context of the English language. It may also covers the issues relating to English sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, translation, etc.

2. English Literature: Analysis and interpretation of literary works in the English language, including but not limited to novels, poetry, drama, and literary criticism.

3. English Education or Teaching: Investigation of teaching methodologies, curriculum development, language acquisition, literacy, language assessment, and pedagogical approaches specific to the teaching of English language and literature.

Submission Criteria:
The journal welcomes papers that provide critical literature reviews of research on specific educational topics within the scope of English linguistics, literature, and education or teaching. Submitted manuscripts should exhibit the following characteristics:

1. Strong Theoretical Framework: Grounded in relevant theories and frameworks within the fields of English linguistics, literature, or education.

2. Clear Literature Connection: Demonstrate a clear understanding of how existing literature critically relates to the topic under investigation, providing context and theoretical grounding.

3. Strong Research Design and Analysis: Employ robust research methodologies and analytical techniques appropriate for the research questions or objectives.

4. Critical Analysis and Recommendations: Offer insightful analysis of findings, implications, and recommendations for further research, policy development, and educational practice within the respective field of study.