Author Guidelines

Authors who wish to submit articles must send them via the system and it is free of charge. Here are the guidelines for writing the manuscripts:

1. The articles must be original and have never been published or are being submitted to another journal. The articles should be about linguistics, literature, or their teaching. The manuscripts should be 3,000-7,000 words, single-spaced using A-4 paper size, Arial size 11, referring to templates.

2. The name of the author should be written without academic titles and placed under the title of the article, followed by the name of the institution and mailing address (email or phone number). If the manuscript is written by a team, all members of the team must be written. However, the editor only deals with the main author or whose name is in the first place.

3. The articles should be written in academic Indonesian language or English. The subtitles should be aligned to the left without numbering.

4. The articles should be written in the following systematic order: title, author’s name, address of institution and correspondence (e-mail address), abstract (150-200 words: containing background, objectives, methods, research results, and main conclusions); keywords (max 5 words); introduction (containing research problems, current scientific situation, may refer to the literature on which research is based); method; results and discussion (reinforced by relevant research theories or findings); conclusion; acknowledgments (optional); references.

5. Referral sources should be up-to-date (the last five years). Primary referral sources are preferable (research articles in scientific journals/magazines or research reports).

6. The information on citations/references is written in brackets. It is recommended to use a manager reference (Mendeley)

7. The references are listed alphabetically and chronologically according to the APA 7th edition guidelines.