Exploring Teachers' and Students' Perspectives on Gamification in Learning Management Systems


  • Singgih Subiyantoro Universitas Veteran Bangun Nusantara
  • Mohamad Zain Musa Musa Aisah Foundation




Integrating innovative pedagogical approaches becomes paramount as the contemporary educational paradigm evolves. The study addresses the gap in the current literature by offering insights into the multifaceted implications of gamification in higher education settings. The primary purpose of this research is to analyze the attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of both educators and students toward gamified elements in LMS. The study combines qualitative interviews with teachers and students and quantitative surveys to gather a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The methodology encompasses diverse higher education institutions to ensure a representative sample. Results highlight the nuanced perspectives of participants, revealing key factors influencing the effectiveness of gamification in LMS, such as motivation, engagement, and learning outcomes. The findings provide a foundation for a more informed integration of gamified elements into educational practices. In conclusion, this research contributes to the field by offering empirical evidence and nuanced insights into the perceptions of gamification in higher education. The study enhances our understanding of the challenges and benefits associated with gamified learning and provides practical implications for educators and policymakers aiming to foster innovative and engaging learning environments.




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Subiyantoro, S., & Musa, M. Z. (2023). Exploring Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives on Gamification in Learning Management Systems. Jurnal Komunikasi Pendidikan, 7(2), 52–60. https://doi.org/10.32585/jurnalkomdik.v7i2.4613