Perkembangan Tanaman Kopi Di Indonesia

The Development of Coffee Plants in Indonesia


  • Abraham Ismail Pulungan
  • Abraham Ismail Pulungan
  • Tri Shinta Elvina
  • Syahbudin Syahbudin
  • Gustiansyah Perdhana Putra
  • Arga Malona
  • Fuad Stiady Putra
  • Siti Sabrina Salqaura Unviersitas Medan Area



This study aims to explore descriptively the development of coffee plants in Indonesia. This research uses literature study and secondary data. Data mainly obtained from Coffee Statistics published by Indonesian Statistic Center. The results showed that the People's Plantation is the largest coffee plantation, with the highest production and highest productivity. Meanwhile, large state-owned companies and large private companies tend to experience a decrease in both the area of coffee plantations, their production, and productivity. In Indonesia, the provinces with the largest areas and high production followed by productivity are the provinces of South Sumatra, Lampung, Aceh, North Sumatra, and Bengkulu.




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Pulungan, A. I., Pulungan, A. I., Elvina, T. S., Syahbudin, S., Putra, G. P., Malona, A., Putra, F. S., & Salqaura, S. S. (2023). Perkembangan Tanaman Kopi Di Indonesia: The Development of Coffee Plants in Indonesia. Journal of Agribusiness, Social and Economic, 3(2), 83–90.