Peer Review Process

  1. Any submitted manuscript will be evaluated by the journal editor to decide whether the manuscript is  appropriate to the journal theme and criteria. A manuscript may get rejected without being reviewed.
  2. Potential manuscript will be sent to reviewers in blind-peer review by two or more. The editors then make a decision based  on the reviewers recommendation whether to accept, accept with revision, or reject the article.
  3. The Editor-in-Chief has the right to decide which manuscripts submitted to the journal should be published.


    Review Process will include the following steps. 

    1. Author submit the manuscript;
    2. Journal Editor Evaluation (some manuscripts can be rejected or returned to the author before the review process); 
    3. Blind-peer review by two or more;
    4. Editors Decision to accept, accept with revision, or reject. 
    5. Confirmation to the authors;
    6. Revisions of accepted articles until ready for publication;