Unleashing the Power of Quizizz Paper Mode to Refine Senior High School Students' Islamic Vocabulary Mastery


  • Suyitno Universitas Islam Balitar
  • Dian Fadhilawati Universitas Islam Balitar




The present study is purposed to refine the mastery of Islamic vocabulary of 40 students in the English Conversation Club at MAN Kota Blitar through the implementation of Quizizz paper mode. Utilizing a classroom action research design, the study followed structured procedures, encompassing planning, acting, observing, evaluating, and reflecting. The finding revealed a substantial improvement in students' Islamic vocabulary proficiency, with average scores increasing from 60.65 to 85.00 after one cycle of action. The positive outcome underscores the efficacy of Quizizz paper mode as a valuable tool in language learning. As a recommendation, English teachers are encouraged to incorporate interactive platforms like Quizizz paper mode to enrich vocabulary learning outcomes and foster an engaging and effective learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of students. This study contributes insights into the practical implementation of technology-enhanced language instruction, emphasizing its potential to facilitate English language skills or sub-skills.




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Suyitno, & Fadhilawati, D. (2024). Unleashing the Power of Quizizz Paper Mode to Refine Senior High School Students’ Islamic Vocabulary Mastery . Jurnal Komunikasi Pendidikan, 8(1), 12–24. https://doi.org/10.32585/jurnalkomdik.v8i1.4847